Milk Calories
and Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts About Milk Per 8 Ounce Glass:


Type of Milk Milk Calories Carb gm Protein gm Fat gm  Sat. Fat gm Cholesterol mg. Calcium mg.
Skim (Fat Free) 90 12 9 <1 <0.5 5 316
1 % 105 12 9 2.5 1.5 10 314
2% 120 12 8 5 3 20 286
Whole (3.25%) 150 12 8 8 5 24 276
Buttermilk, lowfat 100 12 8 2 1 10 284
Chocolate milk, lowat (1%) 160 26 8 2.5 1.5 8 288
Soymilk (Silk brand, plain) 100 8 7 4 0.5 0 300

Milk Nutrition Facts

The calories in milk and the cholesterol increase as the number of fat grams increase.

Higher fat milk also has higher amounts of saturated fat...the fat that raises cholesterol.

The amount of protein, carbohydrates and calcium are fairly similar in most types of dairy milk. Different amounts of fat are what make each type of milk "unique."

Milk Nutritional Information

Here's something you may not know. "Conventionally" produced dairy products (including milk) contain:

  • Antibiotic residues
  • Herbicides and pesticides from feed
  • Hormones used to increase milk production
These residues are concentrated in the fat. When you drink milk that has fat in it, you're also unknowingly gulping down these unhealthy additions.

What to do?

Purchase skim milk (fat free milk).

Or buy organic milk if you want to drink milk that has fat in it (1%, 2%, or whole milk).

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