My Weight Watchers Story

by Dora

In 2004 I tried Weight watchers and had success. I started at 240 pounds and in about 1 yr I was 145 pounds.

That's when I thought I had it down pat. I also was very tired of measuring and counting. Needless to say, here it is 2009 and I am 225 pounds. I gained it back.

I have been trying to do Weight Watchers since January of 2008 but I can't seen to get it together and stay on track.

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In my Opinion, Weight Watchers is Nothing More than a Fad Diet
by: Sam Thomas CPT

The problem with Weight Watchers is that it's all about cutting calories. My question is, how many calories can you cut before your metabolism slows down?

Another problem with their program is that as your weight decreases so does your "points" or better know as calories. In my opinion this is very stupid.

In my 4 years as a personal trainer I have never heard one person say they want to be "skinny fat." (Meaning that they shrunk in size but their body fat percentage barely decreased, if at all.)

A smarter idea is to work off your calories instead of dieting them off. This way you stimulate your metabolism instead of kill it.

Also, you need to get a nutritionist or dietition to make up a caloric meal plan based on your lean body mass and activity level.

Good Reminder
by: Suzette Kroll, RD


Your story is a good reminder that weight management is a process...not a destination!

Whatever you do to lose weight, you have to KEEP doing to keep it off. And that's not always so easy!

May I suggest using diet meal delivery for a couple of weeks to "jump start" your weight loss again?

My guess is that once you start seeing some weight loss progress, you'll feel more motivated to stick to the ol' Weight Watchers guidelines.

Keep us updated!

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