Need to Lose Weight

by Lumen
(Hopkins, SC)

I am 53 years old, 5'4", with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and high tryglycerides.

I take medications and also with fibromyalgia and I take Lyrica.

I am not comfortable with my weight as I have difficulty breathing when I walk and stuff. I started going back to the gym and have made around 12 trips in 5 wks., but I am continuously gaining weight.

I was comfortable with 130 lbs. How will I lose weight and what kind of diet do I have to go on? I am not a big eater, I'm Asian, please, help. Thank you.

I'd suggest keeping a food diary for at least a week to better assess everything you're eating and drinking and where the excess calories are adding up.

You could also jump start weight loss by using a home diet meal delivery service for a week or two to get an idea of the right types of foods to eat and the right portion sizes.

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