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How to Shop for Nutritious Food

Stocking up on nutritious foods

Healthy eating starts with healthy grocery shopping. So here they are, my...

5 Shopping Commandments

1. Thou shalt eat right before you shop

This will assure you buy the nutritious foods you need versus the unhealthy foods you crave. It's easier to succumb to impulse buying when you are hungry!

2. Thou shalt shop with a list



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Has this ever happened to you?

You stop by the market on the way home from work and, despite your best intentions, wind up with a cart full of unhealthy food.

Oops. Instead...

...spend a few minutes thinking about absolute necessities before you shop. (And if you're shopping on the way home from work, take that list with you!) List-making only takes a few minutes and will save you time - and money - once you are in the store. Really!

And even better...

...plan your meals in advance and write up your list accordingly...especially if you want to lose weight.

3. Thou shalt shop the perimeter

Along the walls of the grocery store is where you’ll find the best nutrition — fresh produce, fish and poultry, breads, and dairy products — in their most natural, least processed form.

4. Thou shalt read nutrition labels

If you do find yourself wandering down the middle aisles and choosing processed, package foods, read the nutritional information on the food labels, paying particular attention to the ingredient list, as well as serving sizes and calories.

Packaged foods aren't necessarily unhealthy options...if chosen with care.

5. Thou shalt fill your cart with (mostly) nutritious foods

Try this...

...fill the big part of your grocery cart with healthy foods (mostly the whole, unprocessed foods from the perimieter of the store such as the fruits, vegetables and whole grain products).

Limit the meat and dairy products and any not-as-healthy foods to fit in the smaller part of the cart. (And if your kid is sitting in there, taking up not-so-healthy room, even better!)

Happy shopping!

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