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I'm so excited! As I write this, I'm breaking ground on my own organic vegetable garden.

Organic gardening is a perfect way to take control of your diet. You get to make sure that nothing unhealthy goes into your food, AND you get to always have an abundance of healthy vegetables on hand. They don't even have to all fit in your fridge!

I'm sure this page will grow as I gain more experience, but until then I can still share the kinds of resources I'm using as I plan my own garden.

So surf and read! There's a lot of good information out there if you know where to look. Healthy eating to you!

Organic Vegetables for Healthy Eating
Questions about organic gardening answered by a veteran gardener.

Home Vegetable Garden
From soil preparation, controlling disease & pests, using your recycled green waste, knowing what to plant and how...we show you how to grow vegetables WITHOUT using chemicals. Be rewarded by growing your own, you will certainly taste the difference.

Veggie Harvest
Vegetable garden growing tips and information to grow the best organics. Growing organically allows you to control everything naturally. Backyard gardening means picking your own produce just in time for a freshness and peak of flavor that can't be compared.

Your Vegetable Gardening Helper
Picking fresh organic vegetables from your garden is one of the healthiest choices you can make. Learn everything you need to know about growing organic vegetables for yourself from Your Vegetable Gardening Helper. They'll help you take it step by step.



  Vegetable Lasagna  
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Become Vegetarian!
  Encouraging a meat-free life by providing feasible alternatives in the form of easy vegetarian recipes.  
Basic Info for an Organic Vegetable Garden
Provides organic gardening information for the beginner--beneficial insects, harmful insects, companion planting, fertilizer component list, hardiness zone map, composting, measurements, mulches and gardening tips.

Easy vegetable gardening
Vegetable growing allows you to combine exercise, healthy eating and pleasure by growing vegetables yourself. Try using the many modern practical techniques shown to making your vegetable gardening easier.

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