Pizza Hut Nutrition:
Slice Your Portion Size!

Pizza Hut Nutrition Guide

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Portion control can be a mystery...

Nobody orders a second Big Mac by mistake, right? Portion size is clearly defined in the case of a hamburger. Not the case with pizza.

How do you know if a medium size pizza is supposed to serve 1,2,4,6, or 8 people?

And how could the same size personal pan pizza be the appropriate portion for a small female as well as a large male?

Eating slice after slice is expected behavior with pizza. Why else would the Pizza Hut buffet even exist?!

You'd likely be embarrassed to keep going back to the counter at McDonald's and ordering burger after burger. But that's essentially what you're doing when you eat slice after slice of pizza.

Each large slice of Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pan Pizza is similar in calories, fat, and saturated fat to a Double Hamburger from Burger King, but each slice of pizza has 1 1/2 times more sodium than each burger!

Best Choices (see the criteria I used)

  250-350 calorie options 400-500 calorie options 600-700 calorie options
Best Choices 2 slices of any 12" Fit n' Delicious Pizza 2 slices of any 14" Fit n' Delicious Pizza OR 3 slices of any 12" Fit n' Delicious Pizza 3 slices of any 14" Fit n' Delicious Pizza

Q: Which calorie level is most appropriate for me? (Establish your personal calorie count.)

A: Use the following rough guidelines:

250-350 calorie menu suggestions could be considered a "mini meal" for a larger or more active person, or a full meal for a smaller person or someone in need of a lower calorie intake.

400-500 calorie menu suggestions would be appropriate for an average size person or an active smaller person.

600-700 calorie menu suggestions would be appropriate for a very active or larger person.

Pizza Hut Nutrition Guide to Portion Control

  • Decide ahead of time how many slices you will eat.
  • Avoid the buffet.
  • Order less than you think you need. If you'd normally order a large...order a medium.
  • A slice of medium pizza will cost you ~200-400 calories, depending on the type of crust and toppings.
  • A slice of large pizza will cost you ~350-550 calories, depending on the type of crust and toppings.
  • If you are a smaller person or not very active, an entire personal pan pizza is probably too much.
  • Eat some salad before eating your pizza. A good rule of thumb: water first, salad second, pizza third.

Pizza Hut Nutrition Guide to Breadsticks

One thing I've never understood (meet me) is the concept of eating breadsticks with pizza. Why don't they just ask, "Would you like some bread to eat with your bread?"

  • Each breadstick is the equivalent of eating 2 slices of bread with a little smear of butter on top.
  • If you must dip, use the breadstick sauce, not a fatty dressing.
  • Skip the Dessert Cinnamon Sticks with the White Icing Dipping Sauce. 2 Sticks with the Sauce have more calories than a Wendy's Chocolate Frosty.

Pizza Hut Nutritional Numbers

When you order a medium pizza and "just have" 2 pieces, it seems like you're being moderate! After all, you didn't get the large and you ordered simple Pepperoni, not the decadent Meat Lovers Pizza...

...but 2 medium pieces of a Pepperoni Hand Tossed Style Pizza have almost 500 calories, 22 grams of fat, and almost a whole day's worth of saturated fat, with 1280 mg sodium. The numbers rival those of a Quarter Pounder with cheese...

Do you ever wonder, "Why am I having trouble losing weight?" These kind of surprise calories may be your problem!

What's a poor, health conscious, waist-watching, pizza lover to do?

Know what you're eating! A Pizza Hut Nutrition Guide is available on the official website. You can use an interactive calculator to analyze your Pizza Hut menu options. In the meantime, here are some helpful hints:

Pizza Hut Nutrition Guide To Crust

The thinner, the better if you're looking to reduce calories and/or carbs.

Avoid the stuffed (with cheese) crust and the thick crust Pan Pizzas. Thin N' Crispy Crust is your best choice followed by the Hand Tossed Crust. The Full-House XL pizza crust is one that Goldilocks would approve of: not-too-thick and not-too-thin.

Pizza Hut Nutrition Guide To Toppings

Think of your pizza crust as a vehicle for vegetables. Don't forget the green peppers, mushrooms, red onion, tomato, banana peppers, and/or pineapple.

Go light on the cheese...

...Pizza Hut uses approximately 300 million pounds of cheese per year! Help them cut down by ordering "less cheese," or even a "cheeseless" pizza. If you order carry out, request cheeseless pizza and then add your own reduced fat or soy cheese when you get home.

Opt for the leaner meat toppings such as chicken or ham.

Avoid the "lovers" pizzas (Meat Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Cheese Lovers). "Lovers" is a nice way to say "more."

Pizza CAN be part of a healthy eating and/or weight loss plan! Just don't overdo it.

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** Note: Pizza Hut Nutrition Guide information current as of August, 2007 **