Printable Food Diary

free printable food diary

Use this free printable food diary to make you more aware of exactly how much you're eating.

See FULL LIST of free food diary forms. Pick one that's right for you.

Contrary to popular belief, the ultimate weight loss tool is not a treadmill. It's not a pill, powder, or great diet book either.

It's a pen!

I'm a registered dietitian and I designed this free printable food journal so you can keep track of what you eat AND take a look at how balanced your diet is at the same time.

How To Use This Printable Food Diary

  1. Print out a minimum of seven food diary forms (enough for one week).
  2. Punch holes in copies and place pages in a three ring binder.
  3. Keep your food log with you at all times and record immediately after eating.
  4. Write down what (and how much) you eat and check the corresponding food group boxes if desired.

(If you'd rather use a 6 x 9" coil bound food journal I designed, click here.)

Be accountable for every lick, nibble and sip you take

Most of us are completely unaware of what and how much we eat, but when we see it on paper in black and white, there's no disputing where extra calories are coming from.

Experts agree that keeping a food journal is one of the most successful weight loss and weight maintenance strategies on the planet!

Start losing weight today by simply using this printable food log to keep track of everything you eat and drink. It's that simple!

Now get to it!

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