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I want to tell everyone about Suzette

Hi Everyone, This Is Margaret...

My journey has been hell... When I finally decided to care for myself it was hard to admit to myself i need a professional to help me! Especially, since i was a former athlete many years ago.

This is hard for me to even share with you all; yet, if i can change, inspire, or just make one of you BELIEVE that you can make a change in your life - that YOU can be your own best friend (which is hard!) then maybe opening up about my journey is all the worthwhile. Maybe it'll even help to provide me continued inspiration for myself.

In short, my last past year was highly beyond stressful, to say the least. Suzette never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. I am still working on becoming healthier, I have learned how to eat healthier - still not 2nd nature yet. It's a life-changing process; moreover, it's DO-A-BLE.

When I started looking for a personal nutritionist in Tucson, I wanted someone who had extensive education behind them. I wanted someone who could formulate to my food taste. I am a very picky eater, and it was never easy for me to follow a plan that was popular. I needed a plan tailored for me. I spent the money in this big industry, but had never succeeded w/my dream: a healthy weight.

I searched and searched! I asked questions and compared! I met Suzette, and I knew I found someone, THAT I NEEDED! Someone w/compassion, understanding, patience and, most importantly, a professional with knowledge. I can not say enough about her; still, change is NEVER easy, but I bet she can help you as she has & is helping me.

My journey is neverending. I am not a quitter but I am still in the game of life for me to succeed and with my personal registered dietitian by my side, insuring my success!

"We just need to remember to make ourselves Priority One, because WE DESERVE IT!!!!"

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