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weekly food diary

How to Use this Weekly Food Diary

  1. Print out.
  2. Punch holes in copies and place weekly food journal pages in a three ring binder.
  3. Keep your weekly food log with you at all times and write in it immediately after eating.

See FULL LIST of FREE printable food diary forms (includes DAILY food diary forms). Pick a free food journal that's right for you!

(If you'd rather use a 6 x 9" coil bound food journal, click here.)

PLAN to Journal 1 Week Per Month

Nobody keeps a food diary every single day/week for their entire lives!


...Consider keeping a food log for the first week of every month

I feel like a genius when I recommend this to people! It's just such a smart idea.

If you've gotten off track and veered away from your intentions of good eating over the month, keeping a diet diary will help pull you back on track before you've gotten too far off.

If you happen to be eating well the first week of the month, food journaling will simply generate more menu ideas that you'll be able to return to at a later time.

It's the equivalent of getting your piano tuned every month!

It just makes sense, doesn't it?

There's a defined beginning and end when keeping a weekly food diary and something about that makes it feel more doable. Subconsciously you know you won't have to do a laborious task forever.

It's a small enough time frame to be considered manageable, yet it's plenty of time to re-connect to your good intentions.

Harvard School of Public Health says, "It's easy to eat more than you plan to. A food intake journal makes you more aware of exactly how much you are eating."

So make a commitment...NOW...at a bare minimum...that you'll keep a weekly food journal for the first week of every month.

Use this FREE Weekly Food Diary to get started.

Now get to it!

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