Grocery List

How to use this blank grocery list

  1. Choose one of the printable blank grocery shopping lists:

    free printable blank shopping list

    free downloadable blank shopping list
  2. Cut into thirds.
  3. Either:
    • Hang on the refrigerator and keep track of groceries as they run out.
    • Plan your meals in advance (See list of FREE meal planners) noting the groceries you need to buy.
  4. Don't leave home without it.

Print as many blank grocery lists as you like....they're FREE!

NEVER shop without a list!! NEVER shop hungry!!

Dietitian's Tip: Everything you REALLY need is located around the perimeter of the store (produce, dairy, butcher,etc.). Once you move down the aisles you're likely to be tempted by packaged, processed foods you really don't need. So stick to the perimeter and stick to your grocery list!

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