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Want to know what a "healthy" weight for your height is? Well, let's agree on a definition of "healthy" first!

Extra pounds translate into health risks, so after a certain point, those extra pounds stop adding to your character and start adding risk of disease and death.

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of excess body fat, and it gives a better indication of health risks than body weight alone does.

BMI is therefore used to define "healthy" or "normal" weight.

  • BMI 18.5 - 24.9 = Normal weight
  • BMI > 25 - 29.9 = "overweight"
  • BMI > 30 = "obese"
  • BMI < 18.5 = "underweight"

At what weight would your BMI be less than 25?

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Try my handy Reverse BMI Calculator! Enter your height, then try 24 for a healthy BMI. Or maybe, if your BMI is above 30, it'd help your goal-setting to see what weight would bring you down to a BMI of 29.

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If you've found that you need to lose some weight, don't worry...

...I can help you! I am, after all, your personal nutrition guide!

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All my successful clients agree that planning meals in advance is an important weight loss strategy.

Keeping a diet journal isn't a bad idea either. It can help shed light on what you're eating that got you to this BMI in the first place! Food journaling will no doubt raise your calorie and portion control awareness.

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