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Let someone else prepare meals for you and take all the guesswork out of what and how much to eat. (Could that guesswork be what has prevented your weight loss success?)

The most amazing part? It's actually affordable!

Yes, I said affordable! Having your food personally prepared for you is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Thanks to an ever growing number of diet meal delivery programs like this one, the little people (like you and me) can afford to have nutritious food prepared for us and delivered to our homes or businesses.

Diet to Go is a diet meal delivery program providing freshly prepared, healthy, nutritionally balanced meal plans. They cook the food and deliver it to your doorstep and all you have to do is eat it!

I can't count the number of times my clients have said to me, "If only I had a personal chef, I could achieve weight loss results like Oprah, or Biggest Loser contestants, or...."

Well, no more excuses. You can have the equivalent of your own personal chef by having your own home delivery diet plans. Affordably.

Okay, maybe it's not affordable for everyone. But if you're spending money on restaurants, fast food and/or fancy coffee, chances are you can direct some of those monies (and calories!) into a diet meal delivery program.

Diet Food Delivery Review: Diet to Go

Based on whether you're trying to lose weight, eat healthier, save time, or achieve some other objective, a meal counselor will recommend an appropriate food plan for

Dietary restrictions such as allergies or taste preferences are taken into consideration. Low carb, and vegetarian menus are available too.

Meal plans are available for all types of eating habits, and there are many flexible options. For instance, if you dine out a few times a week you'll need less food delivered than someone who eats 21 meals per week at home.

The company works very hard to make sure you like what you get and will work with you if you don't!

A word about portion control and diet journaling...

In my practice as a Registered Dietitian, I've long advocated keeping a food diary as a way to get control of portions and weight. You measure portions and you write down what you eat. That way it's right there on paper what's preventing your weight loss.

The problem? Most people either don't want to do this, don't feel they have the discipline to do it, or don't have time to do it.

If you're one of those people, that's why I recommend diet meal delivery programs. It's a way to get a handle on how and how much you should be eating.

Diet Food Delivery Review: How Healthy is Diet To Go?

All of the meals are:

  • low fat
  • low sodium
  • low cholesterol

The menus all adhere to the dietary guidelines of:

  • The American Heart Association
  • The American Cancer Society
  • The American Diabetes Association
  • The American Dietetic Association

How I suggest using Diet to Go Meal Delivery Diet:

  • Order 1 week of meals simply to jump start your weight loss program
  • Order 1-2 weeks of meals to get a good idea of what a reduced calorie diet feels like (volume wise)
  • Order meals every week until you've lost half your weight, then start incorporating your own meals, based on what you've learned from eating the delivered meals
  • Order meals every week until you've achieved your weight loss goal.
  • Order meals to keep you on track with weight maintenance: make a commitment to ordering at a regular planned interval such as the first week of the month. This way, you'll never let yourself get too far off track.
  • Order meals as often as you like in order to help increase the number of healthy, nutritionally balanced meals you have in your life.

Whether you're trying to lose weight, eat healthier, save time or save money, using a diet meal delivery service like Diet to Go may be right for you!

Check this page to see what their current special is!

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