Eating the Alphabet
by Lois Ehlert

Eating the Alphabet gets this dietitian's thumbs up. In fact, I LOVE this book!

Ages 1-5.

"From apples to zucchini, come take a look. Start eating your way through this alphabet book."

The pages of Eating the Alphabet are filled with watercolor depictions of fruits and vegetables accompanied by the corresponding letter of the alphabet their names begin with.

Beside teaching your child about the plentiful array of fruits and vegetables available from nature, I can see using this book as a nutrition activity for kids in the following way:

26 days to healthier eating

Every day focus on one letter of the alphabet and vow to eat 1 fruit or vegetable that begins with that letter. (It's fun for adults to play too!)

After 26 days, start all over again...

...this time vowing to eat a different fruit or vegetable from each "letter" group!

At the end of the book you'll find a detailed glossary of terms that includes pronunciation and tidbits of information about each fruit and vegetable.

Available as a picture book and in a smaller board book edition.

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