Nutrition Books for Kids
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Nutrition Books for Kids

These children's books about nutrition and healthy eating and food books for kids come recommended from reputable sources, including my dietitian colleagues who work solely with kids.


Ever heard of bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is the use of books to help kids think about, understand, and overcome their issues. This can include picky eating and poor eating habits.

No one likes being told what to do. (Even adults!) So when you tell your child to "try the broccoli," your child wants to try the broccoli even less!

Bibliotherapy takes your child's willfulness out of the equation by making the problem about some other kid...the kid in the book.

Instead of being the one with the problem, your child gets to read a funny book about someone else with a problem. Your child gets to see the problem from the outside. Your child gets to think:

I don't want to be like that kid!

The following food books for kids have been referenced on a number of bibliotherapy booklists:

picky eater
See the bibliotherapy book for picky eaters that I co-authored:

How Only Baloney Got Cured of Spoiled-Taste-Buds-Atitis

Nutrition Books for Kids 4-8 years old

Note: See my book reviews for book titles in bold.

Books on Nutrition for Kids 9-12 years old

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