I Will Never NOT EVER
Eat a Tomato
by Lauren Child

Reading level: Ages 4-8

If your child has vowed, "I will never NOT EVER eat a tomato" (or any other vegetable), then you need to get this book! It's a fun approach to addressing picky eaters.

When caring big brother Charlie is charged with making little sis' Lola dinner, she makes it known that she does not eat peas or carrots or potatoes or mushrooms or spaghetti or eggs or sausages.

She will not be served cauliflower or cabbage or baked beans or bananas or oranges and she is not fond of apples or rice or cheese or fish sticks.

And she adamantly declares "I will never NOT EVER eat a tomato."

"That is lucky," announces Charlie, "because we are not having any of those things."

"Then why are those carrots there, Charlie?" asks Lola.

"These are not carrots," Charlie explains. "They are orange twiglets from Jupiter."

"They look just like carrots to me," Lola answers.

But of course they cannot be carrots because carrots do not grow on Jupiter.

"Well, " concedes Lola, "I might just try one if they're all the way from Jupiter."

Charlie proceeds to "trick" Lola into eating other foods she's sworn off:

  • peas (green drops from Greenland)
  • mashed potatoes (cloud fluffs from Mount Fuji)
  • fish sticks (ocean nibbles from the supermarket under the sea)
Lola plays along and eventually requests her least favorite food, tomatoes, assigning them a creative name she's made up herself...

... "moonsquirters."

Sometimes using imagination makes healthy eating fun!

I think this book will become a household favorite.

(Available as a pop up book too.)

Nutrition Activity:
After reading I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato with your child

  • Make up funny names for foods with your kids.
  • Use a weekly dinner planner and prominently display on your refrigerator so your kids can look forward to having "green drop from Greenland," etc.
  • Create dinner "themes." Example: everyone wears something ORANGE (or dresses up like a martian) on the night you serve "orange twiglets from Jupiter."

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