Dinner Planner

weekly dinner planner

How to use this weekly dinner planner to build a library of meal plans:

  1. Print at least one weekly dinner template.
  2. Make some healthy eating decisions:
    • Decide in advance how many days per week you'll plan to eat chicken? fish? meat? vegetarian?
  3. Pick out the proper number of chicken recipes, fish recipes, etc.
  4. Plan your side dishes and dessert if desired.
  5. See these quick easy menu suggestions:
  6. Fill in the weekly dinner menu planner with your choices.
  7. Make a grocery list. (Download a super cute blank grocery shopping list!).
  8. Staple the grocery list AND all the recipes to the dinner template. (Photocopy recipes from cookbooks if necessary).
  9. SAVE your weekly dinner template. (File it!)
  10. Repeat.
  11. After a few weeks, you'll have a nice library of dinner meal plans to pick from.

Unsure if your meals are nutritionally balanced? See my See balanced meal planning tips.

Learn How to Organize Your Recipes:

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