Food Coloring Pages

These free coloring pages are a great nutrition activity for kids.

How to Use Food Coloring Pages

  • Print.
  • Have your child color the picture.
  • Talk about the fruit or vegetable being colored:
    • Does it grow on a tree or on the ground?
    • Is it best eaten cold or hot?
    • Is the particular fruit or vegetable present in your house?
    • When was the last time your child ate the fruit or vegetable being colored?
    • When will be the next time your child will eat this fruit or vegetable?
    • etc., etc., etc.
  • Hang the nutrition coloring page on the refrigerator and vow (yourself) to eat the particular fruit or vegetable at least 3 times in the next week. After all, being a role model and setting a good example is the best thing you can do to instill good eating habits in your children!

Nutrition Coloring Pages: A, B, and C

A is for Apple

free food coloring pages apple

B is for Banana

free food coloring pages banana

C is for Carrot

free food coloring pages carrot

More Food Coloring Pages: Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Bookmark this page! More coloring pages coming SOON!!

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