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Nutrition puzzles are a great way to teach your child about proper nutrition and open the door for a discussion about healthy eating.

"Color Your World"

How to Use the Color Your World Printout Puzzles for Kids

Teach your child about the importance of eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables every day with these colorful word searches.

Most children don't eat enough colorful foods (not counting pink bubblegum and orange cheese puffs).

If your kids diet looks more like a "beige diet:" full of snack foods and highly processed, packaged foods then use the colored word finds to remind him/her of all the colorful things nature provides us to eat.

After completion of any of these free printable puzzles, have your child choose ONE food from the puzzle he/she is willing to try!

Red Fruits and Vegetables

nutrition puzzles red

nutrition puzzles red answers

Orange Fruits and Vegetables

nutrition puzzles orange

nutrition puzzles orange answers

Yellow Fruits and Vegetables

nutrition puzzles yellow

nutrition puzzles yellow answers

Green Fruits and Vegetables

nutrition puzzles green

nutrition puzzles green answers

Blue Fruits and Vegetables

nutrition puzzles blue

nutrition puzzles blue answers

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