Choosing Healthy Food Begins
With The Right Attitude

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Healthy food doesn't just eat itself. You have to eat it.

If you're used to eating unhealthily, making the transition to healthy eating is tough. It won't work if you don't develop a proper mindset.

I'm a dietitian. (Meet me!) I work with people just like you every day, teaching them how to eat nutritious foods, lose weight, and establish sound nutritional eating habits.

It's not uncommon for my clients to report that they "binged" on all their favorite unhealthy foods the day before coming to see me. When they show up at my door, they expect to be told they are never "allowed" to have those foods again!

But that's the last thing I'd say. Because I know what can cause that kind of binge. I call it...

All-or-nothing thinking. The notion that following a healthy eating plan means ONLY healthy and nutritious foods can be consumed.

The result of all-or-nothing thinking?

The moment a lick, nibble or sip of unhealthy food slips past the lips the binge begins, followed by vows to begin eating only the healthy stuff...starting tomorrow.

Well I'm here to report some good news...

...eating healthy foods more often than you usually do IS eating healthier!! You don't need an "all-or-nothing" approach!

In fact, "all-or-nothing thinking" should be replaced with what I call "better vs. best thinking."



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Better vs. Best Thinking

It's OK if you don't make the most perfect nutritional choices all of the time. Just make better choices than you normally do, most of the time.

Take pizza for example.

  • "All-or-nothing" thinking suggests pizza is an unhealthy food and "shouldn't" be eaten.
  • "Better-vs-best" thinking suggests it's ok to eat the pizza if you order it with a light amount of cheese, vegetable toppings, and a thin crust (because deep dish pepperoni is what you would normally order).

Get it?

Eating healthy food and establishing better eating habits starts with changing how you think about food.

Change how you think and you'll change how you act.

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