Meet Tucson Dietitian
Suzette Kroll

Let me tell you about Tucson dietitian Suzette Kroll

I think I have a little insight into her, since I'm her husband! I'm writing this for her, because sometimes she's a little hesitant to toot her own horn.

Whether you spell it dietitian or dietician, if it's nutrition help you're seeking in the Tucson area, Suzette's the answer. Suzette's clients love her (this one wants to tell everybody!), and just as importantly, Suzette loves them.

Suzette is truly a personal nutritionist.

She brings joy and a can-do attitude to the whole notion of eating healthfully and moderately. (I know, because I get to experience it for myself every day!)

Do you know what a dietitian does?

Tucson dietitian Suzette Kroll has a big bag of tricks up her sleeve! Whether your concerns relate to:

  • dietary restrictions based on health issues or allergies
  • vitamins and/or supplementation
  • reducing exposure to food-based toxins
  • grocery shopping
  • cooking
  • menu planning
  • feeding a picky family
  • proper diet for reaching maximum athletic potential, or, of course
  • weight loss...'re lucky if you live in the Tucson area, because Suzette, your personal nutrition guide, is here.

With 8 years of experience (and counting) at Canyon Ranch and twice as many years in a hospital setting, Suzette is a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Intrinsic Coach, and has been a successful fitness competitor.

What a session with Suzette is like

You'll sit down in a private Tucson setting (whether your home or ours). You'll discuss your concerns. Suzette will have lots of questions.

You won't feel judged! Suzette tries to figure out exactly what it is you want and how best to help you get it.

She's very up to date on the science of nutrition, but Suzette often finds that the best help she can offer is more behavioral than scientific. If you're like most, you know what to eat. Suzette can help you overcome the barriers to doing what you know. Learn:

  • How to deal with temptation
  • How not to feel like dieting is all about denial
  • How to find foods and fix meals that are healthful and satisfying
  • How to accomodate healthy eating habits with a limited cost and time budget

A successful session with Suzette is one in which she's provided you with solutions that seem like they should have been obvious but weren't.

One-on-one consultation with a dietitian isn't cheap...

...but it's much less expensive than a visit with a psychiatrist (or a trip to the emergency room)!

A phone session is the least expensive, while a visit to your home is the most. Some clients choose to start with a face-to-face, then hold down costs with subsequent phone consults.

Similarly, a single session is the most expensive, but a "package" of consults holds down your per session costs.

You'd be surprised how many people seek professional nutrition help

A lot...but only a fraction of the number who could benefit from a bit of professional assistance. If you're looking for a Tucson dietitian, let me suggest this...

this page. Surf the site. Make sure you feel comfortable with the notion of Suzette as your personal Tucson dietitian. Then come back here...

...and tell her you'd like to schedule an appointment!

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