The Best Bathroom Scale

This is the best bathroom scale you can own if you hate to see your weight!

Several well-controlled studies have found that daily weighing helps with both weight loss and prevention of weight gain. They've shown a bathroom floor scale can help you determine when and whether you need to adjust your eating behavior or activity level.

It's too bad most of us hate to get on the scale and go through ritualistic shredding of every last thread of clothing and accessories before mustering up the courage to get on.

Bobby pins, hair ties, glasses, rings, wallets, and keys get discarded in an attempt to see the lowest reading possible.

There's just something about seeing an actual number that's terrifying!

If you've smashed your previous digital bathroom scale because of the emotional roller coaster ride it's taken you on, perhaps it's time to check out what I think is the best bathroom scale on the market.

Bathroom Scale Review: The Quantum Scale

This scale never shows your actual weight. It only shows a loss or a gain. A great concept!

It's VERY Easy to Use:

It works the same way most digital floor bathroom scales do. Simply tap the scale with your foot to turn it on and then step on. (Decide whether you want to weigh in pounds or kg by flipping a switch.)

The very first time you weigh yourself you'll take one extra step to program your "start" weight.

You'll never see the actual number, but the scale registers it as your beginning weight and stores it in the memory and every subsequent weight is compared to this starting weight.

Each time you step on the scale after setting it up, you'll only see a loss or gain (-5 pounds, + 1 pound, etc.) ...not your actual weight.

You can reset the scale at any time to record a new starting weight.

Do you get why I think it's the best digital bathroom scale out there? It takes away all the negativity that goes along with seeing an actual number and helps you focus on staying positive!

The Best Bathroom Scale: Using the Quantum Scale for Weight Maintenance

I (like most) avoid the bathroom scale when I have a feeling I'm gaining weight because I don't want to see the actual number.

Using the best bathroom scale... The Quantum Scale...and seeing I'm up +1 or +5 is still easier to take than seeing my actual weight and it makes me realize I need to adjust my eating and exercise before I get to +10 or +20!

You gain 1 pound before you gain 5 pounds, and you gain 5 pounds before you gain 10 or 20 pounds. But somehow it's easier to let yourself gain 20 pounds when you avoid the scale completely!

If you're like most, the bathroom weighing scale experience can set your mood for the day...but it doesn't have to when you use the Quantum Scale.

Important Note

This is a personal bathroom floor scale. That is, it's intended for one user only.

The good news is that it comes in 5 colors so each person in your house can designate one for themselves:

  • pink
  • blue
  • orange
  • green
  • black

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