The Best Food Scale

The best food scale is one that counts your calories too... my humble dietitian opinion.

Allow me to back track a minute by saying simply using a home food scale...any manual or electronic food one of the best weight loss tricks I know of.

That's because portion distortion can undermine the most well-intentioned dieter. Even large portions of the right foods can slow or prevent weight loss.

Using a food weighing scale that determines the calories in what you're eating takes things to a whole new level. Stop guessing about portion sizes and calories!

My Professional Opinion

Allow me to share my professional opinion of what I consider the best food scale for home use:

The Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale

This small, compact electronic food scale looks nice and sleek on the kitchen counter and it's simple to use:

  • Turn your food weighing scale on.
  • Place food on the scale. (If you want to weigh your food on a plate, there's a way to zero out the scale after you put the plate on.)
  • Multiply the weight of the food by a "calorie factor" assigned to the food**
**Note: A "Calorie Factor Booklet" comes with this food scale. Keep the booklet and a small calculator within easy reach of your home food scale.


My apple weighs 130 grams. The apple "factor" in the booklet is .52

130 x .52 = 67.6

I therefore know my apple is ~68 calories.

Instant calorie calculations! Now are you getting why I think this is the best food scale?!

Don't forget to record what you eat with one of these FREE printable food diary forms.

If you want to take things a step further, you can also get an Eat Smart food scale for counting calories that determines protein, carbs, total sugars, total fat, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, etc.

Regulate portion size, calories, and nutrients.

See more info here.

The Eat Smart Precision Pro Food Weighing Scale comes in a variety of colors:

  • white
  • red
  • silver
  • black chrome
  • white chrome

(I really do think this is the best food scale and I personally own the silver one.

It looks like a metal bodied food scale and matches black and stainless steel appliances nicely! It's not an embarrassment to have on my counter like my old plastic junky one from the drugstore was.)

How Often Should You Use a Food Weighing Scale?

Should you drag a small food scale everywhere and weigh and measure all your foods for the rest of your life?


However, I think weighing your food daily for as little as two weeks is a great way to familiarize yourself with appropriate portion sizes and calories.

Think you know what 3 oz looks like? Are you sure? Do you know how many calories are in your morning bowl of cereal? Using this (small, compact) electronic food scale leaves no room for error!

Should you whip out a small food scale at a restaurant? Of course not...

...but using one at home will help you better judge portions when you are dining out.

After a couple of weeks you'll be better at eyeballing your portions.


...our eyes tend to grow...

...and over time that bowl of cereal gets filled just a little bit more, your serving of chicken gets just slightly bigger...

...and before you know it, you're back to old portion sizes again.

So plan to use a food weighing scale 1 week per month in order to reign in portions (and calories) before they have a chance to get out of control again.

Stop guessing about portion sizes and calories and start losing weight and living a healthier life!

(See all of Amazon's best food scales.)

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