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Chefs Diet Gourmet Meal Delivery provides chef-prepared gourmet meals, based on the Dr. Sears’ Zone Diet, delivered to your door.

If you're following a lower carb diet or just want to know what your meals should consist of if you subscribe to the "40-30-30" way of eating (40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat), this diet meal delivery program may be for you.


If you'd like to be Zone Dieting but you've struggled with finding the time and/or knowing how to properly measure portions and ratios, then this diet food delivery program is definitely for you.

How to Use Chefs Diet Meal Delivery

  1. Choose the program you like by checking out the weekly menus
  2. Select your delivery date
  3. Customize your menus (this is an option only with the Weekly Delivery Program)
  4. Food arrives via UPS from 8a-8p on your determined delivery date
  5. Put food away in the freezer or fridge
  6. Heat and eat at mealtimes

They cook it, you eat it. Lose weight or simply start eating healthier!

Now for the hard part...

I have to warn you in advance: Chefs Diet's various programs are hard to explain, and their website is a bit of a nightmare. So why choose Chefs over some of the other diet delivery programs?

Of the most popular programs, Chefs Diet has one option that probably provides the freshest, most gourmet food. (Of course, it's also their most expensive.) Here are your choices...

What Chefs Diet calls "Weekly Delivery"

Translation: you have to sign up for at least 2 weeks at a time, but the food comes weekly so you don't have to store as much at once. Weekly Delivery includes these choices:

  1. The Lifestyle Program. (This is the fresh, tasty expensive one. Mmmm. $$$$. Lots of celebrities vouch for it on the website.)
  2. Kosher

What Chefs Diet calls "My Solutions." Here your food arrives in 2 week bundles. My Solutions includes these choices:

  1. My Solution
  2. My Total Solution

Of these 4 options, only the "Lifestyle Program" is delivered fresh. All others are delivered frozen. Here are the rest of the details...

1. Weekly Delivery

A. Lifestyle Program:

  • Fresh, vacuum sealed meals
  • 3 meals and 2 snacks/day
  • Menus range 1600-1800 calories/day
  • Option to custom tailor your menus based on what you like to eat.
  • Live help is available 24/7 and can tell you how to customize the menus so the calories are lower if you want to eat less than 1600 calories/day.

B. Kosher Program:

  • Frozen kosher meals
  • Cannot customize
  • Menus range 1200-1400 calories/day

2. "My Solutions":

A. My Solution:

  • 2 meals and 2 snacks per day in 2 week bundles
  • (You pick which 2 meals you want: either breakfast and dinner or lunch and dinner)
  • Delivered frozen
  • Menus range 1200-1400 calories/day
  • Cannot customize

B. My Total Solution:

  • 3 meals, or 3 meals and 2 snacks, in 2 week bundles
  • Delivered frozen
  • Menus range 1200-1400 calories/day
  • Cannot customize

There's also a Vegetarian option on the site (if you look hard enough).

Here's a sampling of the gourmet meals:

Ranch style western omelette and range roasted potatoes topped with jack cheese

Classic Cobb salad with fresh roasted turkey breast, granny smith apple and bleu cheese vinaigrette

Snack 1:
Glazed banana and toasted almond nut cake

Chicken mousaka

Snack 2:
Stuffed artichoke hearts with fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato and shaved parmesan


These gourmet meals are what set Chefs Diet apart from other diet food delivery services. The prices reflect this, and a full week of meals and snacks is a bit higher priced than other diet meal delivery such as eDiets. The Lifestyle Program, as I mentioned, is way more expensive.

(But if expensive means you can stand to stay on your diet longer...hmm...)

The "My Solutions" program of 2 meals and 2 snacks/day is the lowest cost and starts at $14.95/day (subject to change).

Final tip before you go to the difficult-to-navigate Chefs Diet site:

  • Take some deep, calming breaths
  • Consider Chefs Diet mainly for the premium (and pricy) "Lifestyle Program," or for the Kosher or Vegetarian options
  • Don't click to pay until you get a deal. As of the time I'm writing this, I can find two deals...
    • $50 off with a 2 week subscription
    • 2 free weeks with a 2 month subscription

Okay, ready? Did you take your deep breaths?

Chefs Diet Delivery - 8 Delicious Programs To Choose From

If it's lower carb, gourmet meals that you want, and you don't mind paying a little more, Chefs has your name written all over it. If so, Bon appetit! If not...

Show me the other diet delivery services.

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