Portion Plates
Portion Control Matters

Use portion plates if you're trying to lose weight.

Portion control dishes including portion control plates and portion control bowls take all the guesswork out of proper serving sizes.

Size Matters! So use portion control dishes to reign in distorted serving sizes.

It's True. Size Matters

That's right. How much you eat is just as important as what you eat.

If you feel like you're eating all the "right" foods but are still having difficulty controlling weight, the problem may be your portion control.

Baked chicken breast without the skin might be a "good" food choice, but eating a 6 ounce portion instead of 3 ounces on a daily basis translates into a 12 pound weight gain over the course of a year.

Fight portion distortion with healthy portion control plates.

Study after study has shown that the more people have on their plates the more they're likely to eat.

That's why portion control dishes make perfect sense.

Portion size plates are intended to do just what their name says: get portion sizes under control.

The basic concept is simple: If you eat less, you'll weigh less.

portion control = weight management

You can still eat the foods you like when using a portion control size plate. NO counting calories/points and NO measuring is necessary. Portion control plates count/control the portion (and therefore the calories) so you don't have to!

Does A Portion Control Plate Really Work?

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed portion plates promoted weight loss in people with Type 2 Diabetes....when used properly!

"Using properly" doesn't involve piling food sky high or using the plate to go back for seconds. Sorry.


What are you going to do when you eat at a friend's house or in a restaurant? Whip your portion control dishes out of your purse or man bag? Probably not.

But hopefully, after having used your portion control plates regularly you have a better understanding of what serving sizes SHOULD look like and can better eyeball proper portions sizes when you're away from home.

It's hard to know what a "normal" serving size is anymore because portions have gotten so ridiculously out of control.

To see if you know how today's portions compare to the portions available 20 years ago, take this portion distortion quiz.

You Have 2 Choices

Purchase a Portion Plate

Dish Diet: This is my personal favorite because it's made to look like your own dishware. No pictures of decks of card portion sizes or words "diet plate" inscribed on the plate. No one needs to know you're on a diet. Choose from a set of plates, portion bowls, or a combo of the two.

The Portion Plate: This one is cute, but it definitely screams of dieting thanks to the words "The Portion Plate...Take a better look at your portions," inscribed around the perimeter of the plate along with the colorful pictures of a deck of cards, tennis ball, computer mouse, etc. that are there to show you how big proper portion sizes should be. Children's plates and place mats are also available.

The Diet Plate: This plate is also very cute, but screams "The Diet Plate" around the perimeter, making it very obvious you're eating differently from others at the table. But no biggie if you're ok with that! It's available in "male" and "female" versions (the latter intended to yield lower-calorie meals), and is divided into sections for carbohydrates, proteins, cheese and sauces, with the rest of the space for vegetables.

The EZ Weight Plate: This is more like a bunch of cups assemble together and collectively called a plate. It's plastic and divided into eight "compartments": two teaspoon-size, two tablespoon-size, two that hold a cup each, one that holds two-thirds cup and one that holds 6 ounces. (This makes eating a combination food a little difficult.)

Make Your Own Portion Plate

  1. Find a local paint-it-yourself pottery studio.
  2. Choose a small salad size plate and decorate it as you like. (Having a child help is always fun!)
  3. Use squiggly lines to create sections on the plate that will look like abstract art!
  4. Have the pottery studio fire it for you and pick up when ready.

Search for a paint-it-yourself pottery studio in your area now:


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