Smart Shopper Grocery List
A HEALTHY Grocery List!

healthy grocery list

I've put together this smart shopper grocery list in order to give you an idea of what foods are healthy to eat, as well as which brands are healthy to buy.

How to use this grocery list sample:

  1. Download the free grocery shopping list.
  2. Download and print a free blank grocery list.
  3. Sit down in a quiet place and review the sample grocery list. Transfer the foods (and name brands) you plan to buy onto the blank grocery shopping list.

(You can also use the free online version of the smart shopper grocery list.)

Dietitian's Tip:
Making a Healthy Grocery List

Create a grocery list of "core" items you buy every week that includes:

  • 2-4 protein sources
  • 2-5 different fruits
  • 2-5 different vegetables
  • At least 1 healthy fat source
  • 2-4 different healthy starches
Making a grocery list in this way will assure you always have the key ingredients on hand to make healthy balanced meals.

Achieving optimal health is the ultimate goal I strive to help you reach as your personal nutrition guide. You'll therefore notice a number of natural and/or organic products on the list.

However, in recognition of the fact that not everyone shops in natural food stores, or has the desire to do so, I've also provided you with name brands you should be very familiar with.

My sincere hope is that my grocery list sample will help jump-start healthy eating habits. Now get shopping!

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