Sneaky Chef Recipes
Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

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Sneaky chef recipes are a great way to get your kids (and spouse) to unknowingly eat healthy foods they're otherwise resistant to.

Spinach and blueberries in brownies and donuts? Who'd a thunk it?! Being "sneaky" isn't such a bad thing!

The Sneaky Chef provides simple strategies for hiding healthy foods in kid's favorite meals such as mac-n-cheese, pizza, cupcakes, pancakes, brownies, muffins, etc.

Sample of Sneaky Chef Recipes: Brilliant Blondies

Dust off your food processor

Pureeing is at the core of many Sneaky Chef recipes. You'll need to get your food processor revved up to make a whole host of make-ahead purees that can easily be frozen and added to recipes at a later time:

  • Purple Puree: a blend of spinach and blueberries
  • Orange Puree: a blend of sweet potatoes and carrots
  • Green Puree: a blend of spinach, broccoli, and peas
  • White Puree: a blend of cauliflower and zucchini
  • Bean Purees: white bean and garbanzo bean

The Sneaky Chef's bag of tricks also includes these sneaky cooking methods:

  • Combining refined and unrefined grains
  • Using foods that hide well
  • Substituting nutritious liquid for water when boiling food
  • Using "visual decoys" to make food look appealing and fun
  • Using kid friendly "flavor decoys" to distract kids from what's underneath
  • Using kid friendly "texture decoys"

I love, love, love the recipes from the Sneaky Chef and I think you'll love, love, love being a sneaky cook! The pureeing is certainly work, but if you set aside 1 day a month to make lots of purees, weekday sneaky cooking will go quickly.

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