Talking Bathroom Scale
Your Personal Motivational Coach

If you're looking for a talking bathroom scale to keep you motivated...

...what could be better than hearing Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton's perky voice chiming through your scale every morning, to help keep you focused on your weight loss goals?!

It's true, it's true! Mary Lou Retton (the 4'9" gymnast who's struggled with weight her entire life) has developed a talking weight scale.

However, she likes to call it a "platform," vs. "scale" in order to avoid "diet" terminology...I love it!

Not only is Mary Lou's Motivational Scale a talking bathroom scale...'s a numberless talking scale...

Because we all know how terrifying it is to see that actual number on the scale!

Having been weighed her entire career, she knows first hand the anxiety of stepping on a scale, and what if feels like to be defined by a "number."

That's why Mary Lou's talking bathroom scalesecretly records how much you weigh the first time you step on and then only tells you how much weight you've lost or gained since your initial weigh in.

You never see your actual weight.

"Check in" with her every day by standing on the talking bathroom scale "platform" and you'll get motivational messages, important diet and weight loss tips, and celebratory music every time you lose a pound.

Every time you lose 10 pounds, you get to hear some cheering and dance music and even more accolades from Mary Lou such as, "Great work, you did it! Now you're 10 pounds thinner!"

The platform resets after every 10 pound loss as part of a strategy to break huge weight-loss goals down into more manageable intermediate goals.

Bathroom Scale Review: What I Think of Mary Lou's Weigh Motivational Numberless Scale

This is not any ordinary talking bathroom scale. Owning it is more like having a motivational coach in your bathroom every morning.

This could be good or bad...depending on your personality.

I love the talking weight scale concept and the fact that Mary Lou is trying to teach a no shame based approach to dieting.

I love the potential for the talking scale to keep you accountable. Knowing you won't be disappointed by a number keeps you motivated.

The Cons

If you're a guy, you probably haven't read this far. This talking scale is definitely kinda girly!

If you're easily annoyed by "perkiness," then Mary Lou's talking weight scale is not for you either.

(If you wake up earlier than everyone in the house and want to quietly weigh your self, then maybe you'd like this numberless scale better.)

The Q&A in the user booklet includes this useful information:

Q: "If I tell my Platform to "shut up!" will Mary Lou Retton get her feelings hurt?"
A: "Mary Lou will not take it personally if you need to express yourself during your daily weighing."

Q: "If I shoot my Platform, will it still work?"
A: "Unfortunately, the Platform isn't bulletproof. It will no longer work, if you shoot it."

Clearly the manufacturers know it's not for everyone!

Along with Mary Lou's Weigh Motivational Numberless Platform Scale You'll Get the Following Supportive Materials:

  • Mary Lou's Weigh Platform Scale
  • The Honest-to-Goodness Diet User's Manual: 217 page soft-bound book written in a conversational style that is fun and easy to read. Contains easy meal plans, menus, recipes, lists of food to stock your refrigerator and pantry with, and helpful tips and hints.
  • A Better Weigh DVD: Includes interviews and tips to help you get the most from your eating plan
  • Mary Lou's personal invitation to an online weight loss support community

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