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You didn't think you could starve your way to a better body, did you?

The healthiest, happiest, best-looking you is the one that results from eating more nutritious foods and pushing your body in ways it's become unaccustomed to being pushed! Exercise isn't just for kids.

In the same way that the secret to healthier eating is to make it doable - that is...

  • fit it into your schedule
  • fit it into your budget
  • make it taste good...

...the secret to adding exercise to your lifestyle is...

  • fit it into your schedule
  • fit it into your energy budget, and, most importantly...
  • make it feel good! (So you'll be happy to do it regularly.)

The purpose of this page is to get you thinking about forms of exercise you might not have thought about! Use these resources to find out more about the kind of workout that might be perfect for you.

Home Exercise Machines - A Review Site
Why exercise at home? Because the time you spend going to and from the gym is time you could be spending exercising. Get reviews and recommendations on the very best home exercise machines. Know what's out there!

Personal Training With a Twist: Bellydancing!
Working out can be fun. PTwithaT specializes in helping people meet and exceed health and fitness goals with bellydance, as well as strength training and healthy recipes.

Fitness Walking
Learn how to walk your way to fitness and weight loss. Fitness walking is easy, fun and doesn’t require an expensive gym membership. You will burn calories, build muscle and create a healthy lifestyle.

Taekwondo Network
Taekwondo is the fastest growing and most popular martial art in the world and will be included in the upcoming Olympics. Exercise (and a way of life) for both genders, this site is written by a female black belt!

Heart Rate Monitor Watches
Do you know about target heart rate? For maximum fitness, and to make sure you get the aerobic benefit of exercise (for maximum weight loss), it's good to monitor your heart rate. This site gives you all the information you could want about the various brands of heart rate monitor watches.

Improving Health and Energy
This site reminds us that there are four different types of exercise: muscle-building, stamina-building, balance-building and flexibility-building. A complete exercise program addresses them all! Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Xercise Factor
This is neat. Xercise Factor is YouTube for exercise! People post videos of various exercises. You'll learn exercises you've never even thought of, and (hopefully!) the proper technique. Strength work for home and gym.

The Lower Back Pain Toolkit
Yes, lower back pain is debilitating, but there are ways to accomodate it and things you can do about it! Don't let pain keep you from exercising. This website is a reliable source of up to date information about lower back pain. Written by a physiotherapist, this site can get you back on the exercise track.

The Pliates Zone
Getting yourself in shape (and at the weight you want to be) with Pilates exercises, programs, and work out information.

About Aerobics
Discover more about aerobics and aerobic exercise fitness programs along with many other fitness related subjects such as diet, dance, workout clothes and shoes.

Sports Injury Info
Stay off the sidelines! Is an injury keeping you from working out? Take the same attitude with weight loss and exercise: that it's within your control. Take the pain out of your game.

Abdominal, Core and Stomach Exercises
What says "Fit, healthy and eats well" more than a flat, muscled tummy? If "feeling the burn" is what will make you feel like exercise is really working, then an Ab workout is just the thing for you.

Weight loss, exercise: say them together

As a dietitian/nutritionist, I know from experience that most people interested in losing weight think first and foremost about diet and dieting. But as someone who has to work at keeping weight off myself, I know from experience that exercise is just as important as diet!

Get in the habit of thinking of exercise too when you think of losing weight. Weight loss, exercise...like peanut butter and jelly!

(It's not just me saying this. See what the government has to say about weight loss and exercise.)

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