The Problem With
Eating Food Fast

Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes
Eating Food Fast

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Your mom was right. You need to slow down...

...chew your food...

...put your fork down between bites.

Eating food fast leads to overeating.

What's Your Eating Style?

Do you eat like a snake (i.e., swallow your food whole)?

Or a deer (slowly chew, chew, chew)?

If you inhale your food like a snake, maybe you already know that you should change the habit. (It'll make your mom happy!)

If you're trying to lose weight, you must change the habit.

Avoid Eating Food Fast: How to Slow Down Eating

  • Put your fork/spoon down between bites; eat mindfully.
  • Make eating a primary activity: When you eat, eat. Don't combine it with, say, driving or watching tv.
  • Avoid eating over the sink; Commit to eating only when sitting down at a table.
  • Avoid getting overly hungry.
  • Take a deep breath before you start eating. Calm yourself down. Slow yourself down.
  • Say a prayer before your meal.
  • Match your speed to that of the slowest eater at the table.
  • Plan to take 15-20 minutes to finish a meal.
  • Designate planned times during the day to take meal breaks. Don't just eat whenever the mood strikes you!
  • Are you making any more of the most common weight loss mistakes?

    Avoid Getting TOO Hungry
    Consider Alcohol Calories
    Eat Sloooooowly
    Eat Plenty of Fruits
    Eat Enough Vegetables
    Exercise FOR REAL
    Get Enough Water
    Kick "Quick" Weight Loss
    Know What's On Your Plate
    Quit Eating Haphazardly
    Practice Portion Control

    Here's Why To Slow Down When You're Eating

    It's just as important to pay attention to how you eat as what you eat...

    ...Maybe even more important, because how you eat influences how much you eat.

    Eating food fast enables you to stuff your stomach with excess calories before your brain gets the signal you're full...and excess calories make excess weight.

    It's a simple concept. Not exactly rocket science. Avoid eating too fast. Slow down when you're eating. This will prevent overeating.

    My weight loss clients come to me for scientific and technical nutrition information. When I suggest losing weight may be as simple as slowing down when your eating, I feel kind of silly.

    Why did I have to go to school for so many years in order to be able to suggest something so obvious? Avoid eating food too fast!

    The concept is simple. The benefits are significant.

    Beside managing your weight, slowing down your pace of eating will likely make you feel better too.

    Slower eating leads to better digestion. Digestive complaints are often easily remedied by slowing down and chewing food thoroughly. Read more about digestion and eating food fast.

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