There ARE Calories in Alcohol!

Use the alcohol nutrition facts below to get to know the calories in alcohol, including the calories in beer, calories in wine and the calories in mixed drinks.

Alcohol Nutrition Facts

Alcoholic Beverage Standard Serving Calories
Champagne  5 oz. 85
Wine 6 oz. 120
Light beer 12 oz. 100
Regular beer 12 oz. 150
Liquor, 80 proof 1 1/2 oz. 100
Liquor, 100 proof 1 1/2 oz. 125
Wine cooler 12 oz. 200
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(See more info on beer calories and a more extensive list of wine calories.)

If you drink mixed beverages, whatever you mix spirits with may have calories too:

Mixer Amount Calories
Club soda Any 0
Seltzer Any 0
Tomato juice 4 oz. 20
Bloody Mary Mix 4 oz. 25
OJ 4 oz. 60
Cream 1/4 cup 80
Cranberry juice 4 oz. 70
Ginger ale 8 oz. 80
Tonic 8 oz. 80
Regular cola 8 oz. 100

More Alcohol Nutrition Facts:

Name of Drink Calories
Bloody Mary 120
Long Island Iced Tea (diet) 130
Long Island Iced Tea (regular) 230
Manhattan 130
Martini 160
Chocolate Martini 440
Pina Colada 245
Daiquiri 145
Margarita 170
B52 (3 oz.) 210
Wine Coolers 210-275 (depending on flavor)
Mai-tai 260
White Russian (4 oz.) 290

Note: The calories for the drinks above are based on "standard" recipes. Every bartender is different, and drinks are often made bigger than what's considered standard. Calories may therefore be higher.

Don't see your favorite cocktail here? Go to Calorie King to look up more calories in alcohol.

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Consider Alcohol Calories
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Eat Plenty of Fruits
Eat Enough Vegetables
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Calories in Alcohol and Weight Loss

One of the most common weight loss mistakes I see is not taking into account alcohol calories.

When it comes to weight management calories matter. All calories...both solid and liquid.

Alcohol itself isn't necessarily something "bad" that must be avoided. In fact, when it comes to weight loss...

...there are no "bad" foods or beverages...only bad patterns.

So even if you "only" drink "a couple glasses of wine a few days a week," that pattern is really the equivalent of 1 1/2 bottles/week. That's 78 bottles/year or the calorie equivalent of 12 pounds!

Kind of like compound adds up over time.

In addition, alcohol calories are a double whammy.

So if you enjoy alcoholic beverages more often than "only at weddings," make sure you're familiar with how the calories in alcohol stack up!

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