1200 Calorie Low Carb Diet
3 Meals + 2 Snacks

The following sample 1200 calorie low carb diet plan, if consumed in the portions suggested, provides this approximate nutritional breakdown:

Total Calories = 1190
  Carb Protein Fat
grams 120 91 40
% of total calories 40% 30% 30%

This sample 1200 calorie per day diet plan can therefore be considered:

  • low carbohydrate
  • moderate-high protein
  • low fat
  • appropriate for use as a Zone Diet 40/30/30 menu

Q: How low is a "low carb" diet?
A: A diet containing 50-60% carbohydrate is generally considered healthy. If you're looking to reduce carbs and want to maintain a good energy level, I suggest lowering carb to no less than 40% of total calories.

(Consuming too few carbs will leaving you feeling like a slug!)

1200 Calorie Sample Low Carb Menu


1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese + 1/2 banana. Sprinkle with 3 Tablespoons lowfat granola.


1/2 Turkey sandwich:
1 slice whole wheat bread (or 2 slices of "lite" bread, 35-40 calories each)
3 ounces sliced turkey breast lunch meat
2 teaspoon mayonnaise or 1/4 avocado
romaine lettuce leaves and tomato slices as desired

Eat with 1 small apple and 5 cherry tomatoes.


1 mozzarella string cheese + 15 baby carrots


4 ounces grilled chicken breast
1/2 cup brown rice sprinkled with 1 Tablespoon slivered almonds
1 1/2 cups steamed broccoli drizzled with 1 teaspoons sesame oil


15 frozen grapes

Add zero calorie foods if desired.

Free Weight Loss Tip: Keep a food diary. Successful "losers" do!

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Low Carb Sample Menu: Beverages

Don't forget to drink your water!

It's especially important to drink water when you're eating higher amounts of protein. Water helps your kidneys flush away the breakdown products of protein.

How much water do you need?

Divide your weight (in pounds) by 2 and that's the number of ounces of water to shoot for everyday.

Example: If you weigh 150 pounds...

150 / 2 = 75

You should therefore drink 75 ounces of fluid (or ~ 9 cups)/day.

(Decaf) coffee or tea, unsweetened beverages and artificially sweetened beverages like Crystal Light, etc. are OK to drink, but water should be your first choice :)

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