1800 Calorie Diet Menu

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Use this sample 1800 calorie meal plan to gain a better understanding of how much food you can eat at this calorie level.

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1800 Calorie Meal Plan

1 cup (cooked) oatmeal

1 banana, sliced

10-12 almonds

1 cup skim milk


Turkey Sandwich:

     2 slices whole wheat bread

     3 ounces sliced turkey breast

     1 teaspoon mayonnaise

     Lettuce and tomato slices as desired.

Eat with 1 cup cherry tomatoes and 1 carton nonfat/lowfat fruit yogurt.


1 hard boiled egg

6-8 whole grain crackers (70-80 calories worth)

1 small apple


4 ounces baked or grilled chicken

½ cup brown rice

Garden Salad: 2 cups salad greens + 1 cup additional veggies (carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.) + 1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil.

Dessert: 1 cup berries


15 frozen grapes

10-12 almonds

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Important Nutrition Points To Note About This Free Sample 1800 Calorie Diet Menu Plan

  • This is a lowfat meal plan (< 30% fat).
  • This sample menu is appropriate for use on 1800 calorie diabetic diet.
  • Every meal contains PLANTS: 1 serving of fruit, vegetables, or both.

    You can substitute other fruits and vegetables if you don't like the ones I've suggested. Just make sure to include produce at every meal.

  • All meals have a protein source and/or a small amount of healthy fat. Both nutrients help fill you up and keep you full between meals.
  • All suggested grains are whole (oatmeal, whole wheat bread/crackers, brown rice).

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