A New Kind of
Water Diet

Did you ever consider a water diet?

water salesman

It's a favorite "tool" in my weight loss tool box.

Don't get me wrong...

...I'm NOT suggesting surviving on water alone.

MY version of a water diet looks like this:

Every time you'd usually drink a regular soda pop, juice, or sweetened tea, substitute a glass of water instead. Then watch the pounds disappear!

Do the math...

  • Water has 0 calories.
  • Soda pop has ~ 150 calories per 12oz can/bottle.
  • Juice has ~ 180 calories per 12oz glass.
  • Sweetened tea ~ 100 calories per 12 oz bottle.

(Determine the calories in another beverage you might be drinking.)

Do you know what it takes to lose 1 pound of body fat?

You have to create a deficit of 3,500 calories. Does that sound like a lot? It's not.

Imagine the compounding effect of substituting non-caloric water for sweetened, caloric beverages...

  • If you drink 2 soda pops/day, that's 300 calories you're downing.
  • 300 calories x 365 days per year = 109,500 calories.
  • 109,500 / 3500 = 31.2

That means you could lose 31 pounds over the course of a year simply by following a water diet, substituting a glass of water every day to replace those 2 sodas.

You wouldn't even need to change a thing about how you were eating!

Does that sound too hard? How about going on half a water diet? Substitute water for just one of those sodas. That's still more than 15 pounds!

Want to take the water diet pledge?

Page down to the form below. Tell the world how you're going to substitute water for some other calorie-laden liquid. Say something like:

I, Jane Doe, hereby proclaim that I'm going to limit myself to one Mountain Dew per day and no Frappucinos for the next week. I weigh 176 pounds right now. (I also pledge not to eat more bon-bons to make up for the missing Frappucinos!)

I will come back to this page in one week and tell everyone how much weight I lost. Wish me good luck everybody!

(Your pledge will be its own page on this website. Then come back and tell us how you did by writing a comment on your pledge page. this page so you know where to come back to!)

Now I already know what you are thinking...

Water is so boring...

...no taste...

...no color...


Try these water diet tips to help you enjoy your water:

Drink "spa" water:

Fill a pitcher with water and add:

  • sliced lemons and oranges, or
  • sliced cucumbers and lemons

Designate a "fun" glass to drink your water from.

I like to use a painted margarita glass!

Serve your water ice cold and drink from a straw.

Carry a water bottle with you at all times.

(This is what I personally do, and I keep various size bottles on hand...a small 8oz bottle to carry in my purse or when I travel, and larger 32oz and 48oz bottles to keep in my car and office.)

I suggest using stainless steel water bottles in order to lessen exposure to the chemicals in plastics, and also because they're sturdy, shiny and fun!

Drink hot water with lemon in the winter.

Drink filtered water for your water diet. It tastes better and is better for you. I personally use the eSpring water filter system in my home!

Drink carbonated water and add a dash of sweetener.

Many of my clients use flavored Stevia. (Stevia is a non-caloric herb used as a sweetener that even the Canyon Ranch Health Resort uses!).

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Are you ready to switch to water from some of your other beverages, in order to get a jump start on your weight loss goals? Make your own, personal, water diet proclamation! Then come back to tell us how it went.

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